October 27 Municipal Election is important for heritage lovers

Local councillors decide which buildings, neighbourhoods and landscapes get saved.

Here are some heritage questions to ask your candidates. Read responses here. Vote wisely!vote

1.  What value to our community is preservation of heritage properties?
     What have you done to save built heritage in your municipality?

2.  How will you balance land development pressures against the need to preserve significant landscapes, heritage structures and older neighbourhoods?

3. Many studies have shown the environmental advantages of retrofitting heritage buildings vs. demolishing them and building new buildings, even new energy-efficient, LEED certified buildings. (e.g. The Greenest Building: quantifying the environmental impact of building reuse).

    Would you encourage the adaptive reuse of your community’s built heritage?     How?

Ballot4. What two additional heritage landscapes/ properties/ districts would like to see protected through listing or designation?

5.  Will you support a grant to those who seek to conserve and restore their heritage properties? 

How large a grant would you offer property owners to preserve a heritage building?

     Are financial incentives important to encourage home owners to invest in heritage properties?

6. Under the Ontario Heritage Act, listing and protecting heritage properties is a municipal responsibility, not a private responsibility. A heritage property may be designated by the municipality over an owner’s objection, and the owner may appeal the designation to the Conservation Review Board (for individual property designations) or the Ontario Municipal Board (for heritage district designations).

Do you agree that a municipal council should act if necessary to designate a heritage property even when the owner disagrees?

Under what circumstances would you vote against the recommendation of the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee to designate a building as a heritage landmark?