City Building Series, Lectrure 3: Urban Conservation: Challenges & lessons from three cities by Dr Luna Khirfan

We are pleased to announce the third talk will be presented by Dr. Luna Khirfan, Associate Professor in the School of Planning, University of Waterloo.  Dr. Khirfan has impressive credentials in several related fields including heritage management, archaeology and architecture.
This lecture will delve into the circumstances that shaped urban conservation projects in three historic cities: Aleppo (Syria), Acre (Israel), and Salt (Jordan). These projects offer valuable lessons for planning practitioners, entrepreneurs, and community activists interested in historic conservation. Regardless of place, it is difficult to balance historic conservation with the conflicting interests of urban design, social justice, and economic development. 
Dr. Khirfan’s research underscores community engagement in urban planning of Middle Eastern cities. Her book, World Heritage, Urban Design and Tourism: Three Cities in the Middle East (Routledge, 2014) explores the relationship between public engagement, place making, and place experience in urban rehabilitation.  Dr. Khirfan has examined the cross-national transfer of planning knowledge in the context of climate change.  She has examined the use of the charrette as a participatory tactic, a data collection method, and a knowledge exchange mechanism.  

The University of Waterloo bookstore will have Dr. Khirfan’s books available for sale at the lecture.

Date: Thursday, May 10, 7-9pm

Location: 675 Queen Street South, Walterfedy Building

Cost: Non-Members, $8.50, memberships available at the door for $35.

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