Roofs – helpful tips

Inspect your roof at least twice a year, in wet and dry weather.

  • In a storm, does rainwater overflow gutters? Is debris clogging them?
  • Are downspouts directing water away from building?
  • Are there leaks or damp spots in the attic?
  • After the storm is over, do pools of water remain?
  • Are there loose shingles or signs of damage?
  • Are tree branches rubbing and damaging the roof?

Temporary repairs are better than doing nothing.

  • Patching can prevent further damage to the building.
  • Repair only the problems: don’t replace intact, functional roofs.

Replacement roofs should match the original material, colour and design.

  • If matching is impossible, review other options carefully.
  • Consider compression/expansion potential, longevity, compatibility, and price.
  • Consult municipal planners if building is designated or in a Heritage Conservation District.

Heritage roofs need to breathe – don’t over-insulate.

Read the Region of Waterloo Practical Guide to Roofs [PDF]