Steven Martin Candidate for Wilmot Township Ward 4

Thank you for your email, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my point of view on the Heritage Act and to support Architectural Conservancy.  I appreciate the work that you do in Waterloo Region.  I would support Waterloo Region to work with lower tier municipalities that have implemented a tax refund program for designated heritage properties.  I am glad that Wilmot Township has been encouraging and working with property owners of designated heritage properties.  I think that having designated heritage properties is important in our community.
If elected, I would want to encourage and support the Heritage Wilmot Advisory Committee.  I would want to consider incentives for designated and non-designated heritage properties.  In my work, I have had offices in a number of older buildings.  Whether they are designated or not, has not mattered as much as wanting to rebuild, re-use, and restore the properties so that the historical architecture is appreciated.  I have not had experience myself working with the Heritage committee.  I am impressed, though, by the different projects that have been done in my community, and I appreciate the projects that are conserving the historical significance of the older buildings.  I applaud Marie Voisin for her work on restoring The Imperial Hotel in downtown New Hamburg.  In my own house which was built in 1900, I have just had an original stain glass window repaired so that it would not fall down.  It is now restored to its original beauty.   I think that Open Doors can be a good way for many people to enjoy the beauty of our old buildings.
Steven Martin
Candidate for Ward 4 Wilmot Township.

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