Scott Piatkowski, Candidate for Waterloo District School Board Trustee (Waterloo/Wilmot)

Would you support your School Board in urging the Province to review and redesign provincial funding approaches for existing schools and new school construction to remove disincentives and encourage the retention, conservation and re-use of heritage schools?

 Yes, absolutely. Further, as a Trustee, I would work with local municipalities to create partnerships for the use of parts of school buildings (e.g. as child care centres or neighbourhood community centre) that would make it possible for schools to stay open even in the face of declining enrollment. The loss of a school can decimate a neighbourhood, and Trustees should work hard to avoid school closures, even in the face of provincial policies that encourage them.

 How will you support adding history and heritage to the school curriculum?

 I think it’s important to recognize that Trustees don’t set curriculum, nor should they. What I would do is advocate policy that encourages teachers to explore these subjects and take steps to ensure that those that wish to do so have access to high quality information and resources.

 Would you be willing to promote student participation in local heritage projects such as Doors Open?

 Yes, I would. As the manager of a heritage property (Bread and Roses Co-operative Homes), I’ve participated as a host in Doors Open. I’d be happy to do so again as a Trustee, and to encourage schools to be venues. In terms of participation, the fact that the event takes place on a weekend might make it difficult to get students involved, but I would be happy to explore ways to make that possible.

Scott Piatkowski

Candidate for WRDSB Trustee (Waterloo/Wilmot)

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