Diane Freeman, Candidate for City of Waterloo, Ward 4


Support for Municipal Heritage Committees

Q1. Would you encourage Council to provide your Municipal Heritage Committee with the support and resources it needs to update these older designation bylaws, where required?

A1. I would encourage the Municipal Heritage Committee to provide advice to Council with regard to the support and resources they feel are needed to update older designation bylaws. I was not aware that the Committee felt that lacked these resources. They have not identified this through reports to Council in the past.

Q2. Would you encourage Council to support your Municipal Heritage Committee’s requests for Listing non-designated properties on the Municipal Heritage Register?

A2. Through my past 12 years on City Council I supported the development of the Heritage register and the Committee’s requests for listing non-designated properties.

Financial Incentives for Heritage Conservation

Q3. Would you encourage Council to ensure your Municipality has a heritage property grant program, or, if it already has one, to ensure that the grant levels are adequate?

A3. Yes. In fact I have raised this around the Council table on more than one occasion. In terms of the adequacy of the amounts, I would like to survey property owners to better understand what would be a reasonable amount to help specifically with preservation of the historical aspects of their properties.

Q4. Would you encourage Council to ensure your Municipality has a heritage property tax refund program and that the funding levels are adequate?

A4. I do not know the answer at this time. I do not recall the Heritage Committee making a recommendation to this effect, but I would be interested to know more about how the program might work. In terms of the adequacy of the amounts, I would like to better understand what is happening in other similar municipalities.

Modern Tools to Conserving our Built Heritage

Q5. Would you encourage Council to ensure your Municipality is using all the tools at its disposal to support the conservation of our built heritage resources?

A5. Yes. I am currently working with neighbours in the Colonial Acres area of Waterloo to explore the possibility of seeking the first designated cultural heritage landscape.

Heritage as an Environmental Priority for Municipally-Owned Buildings

Q6. Would you encourage your Council to give priority to the continuing use or adaptive re-use of existing buildings (identified as heritage or not) in their facility and capital planning; and where buildings are determined to be surplus to needs, use best efforts to dispose of the building/facility to other public or private sector owners for re-use or sensitive redevelopment?

A6. Yes.

Relieving Property Tax Pressures on Heritage Buildings

Q7. Would you support your Council in urging the Province to work with municipalities to ensure that property taxes and other provincial policies are not creating demolition pressures on heritage properties?

A7. Yes.

Additional Questions

Q8. What are some examples of your heritage engagement thus far, and if elected, what are the first few local heritage issues you would like to address?

A8. Over the past year I have been actively working with neighbours in the Colonial Acres area of Waterloo to research the history of the area to support a request to the City of Waterloo to pursue a cultural heritage landscape designation for the area.

Q9. Have you had any experience working with/for your local Heritage Community?

A9. Yes, through my professional engineering career I have worked on applications for adaptive reuse of a number of buildings throughout Ontario including:

• a building located in designated heritage conservation district

• a building with a front entrance identified by City Staff to have heritage significance

• a former public school to be reused and redeveloped into a multi-residential development

• a building located within a designated heritage view shed


Q10. Tell us about a successful heritage project in your community

A10. I think the creative addition to the old post office in Waterloo blends the old with the new very beautifully.

The adaptive reuse of the former legion on Regina street creates a beautiful balance of old and new.

Q11. What opportunities exist to better support heritage in your local community?

A11. The importance of a public process associated with planning applications is an important aspect associated with balancing local heritage and land development. As an example, I believe that the heritage architecture of the former Waterloo Mattress factory should have been honoured in the 144 Park developments.

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